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The Idea of Balance

Today I had a gentleman arrive at my home. We engaged in sexual acts and while doing so I caused a reaction by putting his hand in mine. The man pulled his hand away, an act of intimacy that does not fit with a hook-up. Yet he allowed me to penetrate him and bring him to an orgasmic end.

The act of fucking to me is the most intimate level of sexual acts. I do recognize hand-holding as powerfully intimate. There seems to be a connection from the hands to the soul.

I asked my friend how quickly he orgasms while being fucked. He said he has to hold back with all his might not to. I, on the other hand, have never liked being fucked. I can't wait for it to be over. My friend has always said that a good top is also a good bottom. That being said, how does my life balance when I have a Goddess in my life, but no clear God?

I've always been drawn to the feminine divine. I've always wanted to include the male aspect, but never have. Just a few days ago I started reading Nocturnal Witchcraft by Konstantinos. His dilemma was following a "good-light soul type" when he really felt a connection to the "good-dark soul type."

I've recognized the Sun as the God and the Moon as the Goddess until this past February when I opened to Brighid. Now I will journey into the night to find God. I'm excited by this.

The Witch of North East Chapter II

The house and the yard were probably placed in my lifeline by the Gods as a test or pure entertainment for them. On the North and South side stand tall bushes nearly 20 feet high. The young women who live next to me see nothing but green. The catholics see everything. I wasn't about to hold naked rituals...outside. All I wanted was a garden and an outside alter.

The garden opened from the ground and the herbs sprouted with exuberance. Each morning I charged the soil and directed the sunlight to feed my plants. Each afternoon I was looked at with quiet disgust and suspicion from the catholic mother.

Not wanting to start a suburban feud, I remained friendly. The husband seemed genuinely friendly and was very easy on the eyes. I understood the mother's need to protect her uniform-clad daughters from diversity.

But none of that mattered after my garden wilted without explanation. The Earth could have consumed its growth, but the Jesus pamphlets and visits from local church members spoke of mortal attack. My defenses grew with my anger, but did not turn to offensive tactics until I dug up a crucifix in the middle of my wasteland of a garden.

The Witch of North East


The suburban arm of Minneapolis seemed the perfect place to relocate to. Growing up in the burbs does not leave the soul that easily. I expected it to be a little more private, which made it more open to practice magick. Yet one could never top the complete acceptance of Uptowners and their "Oh, it's just some witches" attitude.

I wanted to pull that attitude further out. I wanted a garden, a yard, a fire pit, and a finished attic to commune with the Gods. I found that house and the foundation for magickal enlightenment. I also found myself in a battle of curses and rooted hatred. Little did I know that I moved in next to...Catholics.

And it continues...

Coffee Journey

An excellent cafe to visit is Cuppa Java in Bryn Mawr at 400 Penn Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55405 (612) 374-4806

Cuppa Java has a lot of charm and comfortable energy. The food selection is amazing. There are a variety of cold and hot sandwiches, as well as soups and baked goods. These baked good don't have rodent bites like the old Vera's Cafe!

I've enjoyed the buffalo chicken sandwich, and the cubano. My boyfriend loves the veggie hummus. The specialty coffee drinks are impressive and the soups are amazing. I recommend the Italian sausage soup and the roasted red pepper soup.

The employees are clean and friendly. They are also very gay friendly. It's quite clear that they appreciate the repeat business and do not care that I hold my man's hand at the table.

Cuppa Java has a great feel and ranks near the top of my list of cafes.

Start in the Middle

A world or normal I cannot escape.  Through I sit here at my coffee spot with the illusion that nothing is different, I can see the two of them.  Opposite spots of the establishment, but clearly communicating.  I was prepared in my head for this encounter.  Told by beings that were so advanced that they struggled to look at me upon our first meeting.  There was distant love there.  If there wasn't, they would not have warned me about my own kind.

I did not have a computer to receive any information.  A book and a distracted mind were my companions.  Men walking about and women talking.  But a sound pinched my ear.  A spasm spread across my skull.  Told not to take physical notice, I concentrated and heard-

"Subject in sight...no visible weapons"

"No hostiles detected. Prepare the delivery."

I could see the hand movement.  Very quick to the mouth, a long sleeve covering the microphone.  This would be the first time the CIA made a move.  They used to observe, even made one attempt to communicate through a very attractive young agent.  But I knew.  Once I was told how to identify an agent, they would not come near.  A simple, yet effective sneer of my face stopped the handsome man in his tracks.  Nothing was said, but it obviously upped the risk of encounter.  I could not contort my face like the others, but human expression still worked.

Now it was time to take me.  The greatest challenge was to combat it without exposure.  Secrecy protected the major outcome of my existence.  It was clear that yelling "are you a CIA Agent" would be effective and hilarious, but it would create a storm of retaliation on my friends and family.  Right now they were just on me.

The female agent stood.  Her outfit something of a plain brown top with knit white pants.  So ordinary and so perfect.   The male agent turned in his chair to reach for a bag.  He was the distraction.  Tight jeans and a short black shirt separated, exposing flesh and denim covered muscle.  The knew quite a bit about me.  She had already passed me, a gentle fingering of her pant leg on my shoulder.

The male agent stood with his bag and exited as the female disposed of her coffee cup.  I now turn to the table in front of me.  A plate holding the remaining quarter of cheese cake and a half glass of chai tea.  Where and what was the delivery.  I would obviously not consume anything.  They were still watching somewhere.  Should I feel under the table?  The feeling of being watched was overwhelming.  My pulse quickened and a flash of heat burned through me.  My left arm itched and as I scratched at it I realized the method of delivery.  And then darkness.

Coffee Update to Wild Roast

I just had dinner for the first time here with a friend of mine.  I ordered the French Dip and he got the veggie burger.  I won't pretend to be a food critic when I describe what happened.

The very hot server knew the food on the menu when questioned about certain ingredients.  The French Dip was packed with roast beef and bacon.  The Swiss cheese was browned and melted to a perfection.

My companion enjoyed his veggie burger.  He would have liked fries instead of kettle chips, but quickly recanted when I pointed to his mid-section.

Another North East Cafe

So I lied.  Uncommon Grounds can come later.  I am at Wilde Roast Now (518 Hennepin Ave East). 

There are not hipsters here!  Maybe they stay in Uptown.  There are a lot of gays here, and that's OK with me.  I also see more lesbians than usual.  They tend to migrate.

The diversity meter is off the charts at this location, which is what gives this place such character.  It is not a Gay cafe.  The balance and acceptance of hetero/homo, transgender, male/female is zen here.

As I can witness but not testify to, the food looks impressive.  The cakes and bars and other sweet items are amazing.  I recommend the cheese cakes.

The entire establishment is clean, with a calm, earthy feel.  You could read or carry a conversation here with ease.  The staff are friendly and very attractive.  The hot hetero that served me totally doesn't mind that I check him out.

The mixture of laptop faces, book worms, and students make this an easy place to meet new people. The gays seem less clique-influenced here.

There is a parking lot in back.

Apr. 27th, 2009

After harsh words from my BFF, I am back on track with the coffee quest.  Way up in North East Minneapolis where things are calmer sits Audubon.  (Johnson and 29th The hours of operation would make an Uptowner gasp, but it's all we got! 

As an Uptown coffee house guy, I am used to arriving at 9pm and staying til close.  Audubon stays open to the virgin hour of 8 PM Monday through Saturday.  Sunday is even worse.  6PM?!!!

Yet the atmosphere is cozy and the staff just the same.  The bathroom has always been spotless, which matches the cleanliness of the store.  Nicknacks hang and dance (I bought some).  Internet is available, as well as banana bread.  But it has raisins, which makes me sad. 

The coffee is strong and priced similar to the others.  I recommend the cider for a smooth, caffeine-free experience.  Caramel and whipped cream are offered with it.

Parking is as vast as NoDak and sidewalk seating is available.  I've yet to see any flakes hang there.  The location is somewhat suburban, which makes the common patron similar.   If you're traveling North, make a stop here (Snap Pizza is right across the street).  I still recommend Plan B over this place, though.  Branden is worth the drive from my place!

Next stop: Uncommon Grounds

All At Once

My first home is about to open its doors to me.  I have a prospective renter and an opportunity to adopt two dogs.  The universe has opened up to me...or I have opened myself to an on-going existence.  Maybe it is both.  I presented several offerings to Venus for the purposes of sexuality, friendship, and above all, love for myself and all that is around me.  

Gross?  Foolish?  No.  Love holds many eyes, doors, and bolts of electric explosions.  I learned not to run from it.  The spoken word can be a key to an escape hatch, but is it a safe haven or an entrance built by a trapdoor spider?

The men were delivered to me by Venus, but not managed. New friends, dates, sexual encounters.  They were all there.  Love was there with billions of eyes watching. Doors opening to rooms of shag carpet pulsating with static love.

Spirituality is a static shock.  Love is a bolt of lightning. 

Coffee Spot Two

The second spot on my journey of Minneapolis Cafe hangouts is my personal favorite.  Plan B is located at 2717 Hennepin Ave S.  It is open til midnight on weekdays and 1am on the ends.  The population is slightly mixed, but the majority are alt/punk/casual patrons.  There are the occasional high school students who kiss and giggle on the couch, but not frequent at all.  In the year I've been dwelling there I have only seen the kissing kids three times.  As an older individual, I naturally dislike high school kids.  Every other aspect makes this place great for me.

The furniture has been improved upon (it needed it) and the energy is very calm, yet alive.  The elemental aspect is of Water.  I feel the comforting flow, the desire to let it all wash off (even my clothes which I'll explain next).  The music brings the active side.  It can swirl fast and rough with heavy metal or quietly trickle with mellow stuff.  I honestly don't know what to call it.  The music depends on the staff, but it usually stays on The Current.

The employees are comfortable and welcoming.  One in particular, Brandon, is hot as hell and doesn't mind that I drink him in.  His girlfriend who also works there is not so much on me looking at her man.  Clearly she needs a confidence boost if she's worried about a gay appreciating the beauty of the male form.  I feel welcome there as a gay, and I know I'm not the only regular.  The hetero guys are cool with the gays and cool with talking to people.  It is definately a social place if you want it to be.

The drinks are noteworthy due to their unique names.  I have tried several, which is rare for me to do.  Also on the menu: smoothies, sandwiches, and soup.  I've had the roast beef and turkey.  These are serious sandwiches, too. Check this place out...and Brandon too!

There is a smoking deck in the back and a patio in the front.